Vampires suck our blood. These night-dwelling creatures hide in the shadows and pounce on unsuspecting victims, draining their blood and killing them. So why do so many of us want to be Vampires on Halloween?

Ever since the movie Dracula was released in 1931, Vampires have taken the popular culture by storm. What is it about Vampires that make them cool? Is it their powers? Or perhaps it is their clothes. Even back in the 30’s Count Dracula was a very natty dresser.

Whatever the reason, being a creature of the night on Halloween is great fun.  And this year with the very popular Twilight Movies and HBO’s True Blood, there are more choices then ever before.

This Halloween, your vampire costume can be scary, sexy, elegant, funny, witty, or blood curdling. You can dress in Gothic Vampire threads, Edwardian Vampire clothes, or sport a Victorian Vampire look.

There are Vampire Halloween Costumes for men, women, children and even pets. And they come in lots of sizes and at every price range.

Here is a small sampling of what is available this Halloween.

Gothic Male Vampire Halloween Costume

Gothic Male Vampire Costume

Gothic Female Vampire Costume Plus Sized

Gothic Vampira Plus Costume


Gothic Vampire Child's Halloween Costume

Gothic Vampire Child

Mens Victorian Vampire Adult Costume

Men's Victorian Vampire


Edwardian Vampire Halloween Costume

Edwardian Vampire

Midnight Vampiress Costume

Midnight Vampiress Costume


Sexy Female Vampire Halloween Costume

Sexy Fun Female Vampire

Sexy Male Fun Vampire Cosutme

Sexy Fun Male Vampire



Burlesque Victorian Adult Vampire Costume

Burlesque Victorian Vampire

Sexy Victorian Adult Vampire Costume

Sexy Victorian Vampire


Twilight Hooded Dress Adult Costume

Twilight Hooded Dress

Graveyard Vampiress Adult Costume

Graveyard Vampiress


Girl Vampire Halloween Costume with Wings

Girl Winged Vampire

Rega Vampira Child's Costume

Rega Vampira Child


The Munsters Lilly Munster Adult Costume

Lilly Munster

The Count Sesame Street Halloween Costume

The Count Sesame Street


Vampire Makeup Kit

Vampire Makeup Kit

Vampire Costume Fangs

Vampire Costume Fangs


Vampire Seductress Halloween Costume

Vampire Seductress

Love Bite Vampire Halloween Costume

Love Bite Vampire

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