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Women’s Skeleton Siren Costume


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What do you get when you cross a mermaid with a rock star? You get a siren. Sirens are the dark horse of the mythical sea creature world. Carnivorous sea nymphs that sang sailors into such a distracted and entranced state that their ship would end up on the rocks of the treacherous shore. For the sirens, it was meal time. These sea nymphs couldn’t be further from that demure little mermaid that we all grew up with, they’re a little too hungry for that. If you’ve got a voice to die for, don’t trade it in to a sea witch so you can go meet a prince, use it! This sleek costume is a show stopper and comfortable all at once. With the stretchy maxi style, you’ll be able to dance as gracefully as a siren swims through the water. The printed skeleton design gives an anatomically correct x-ray view of what a siren’s insides look like. Don’t ask us how we got the scientific data on the anatomy of a siren, it certainly wasn’t easy. In your gnarly new fins and dress, you’ll be ready to take on the roughest seas. Your karaoke spotlight will never shine as brightly as it will when you’re rocking this look. Your siren song will put the audience in an ecstatic trance. Just be sure to feed yourself beforehand, you don’t want to accidentally fall into old siren habits. These days even the best rock stars shouldn’t snack on their fans.

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