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Toddler TMNT Donatello Costume


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Is your little one getting pretty good at tinkering around with stuff? Do they like taking their toys apart to see what makes ’em tick? It sounds like they would love hanging out with Donatello, and they’re going to look adorable playing in this Donatello Costume, from Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! If you’re like us, it’s hard to pick your favorite Turtle. They’re all a special piece of a big green fighting machine, and you gotta love them all! What makes Donnie unique is that he’s the quiet thinker of the gang, and even though he still likes to party and kick some butt just like his brothers, he also uses his brain to solve problems. Now, even if your youngster is still a bit too little to get into the Ninja Turtles, it’s never too early to start them on the right path. We bet you were a Turtles fan when you were growing up, and your little buddy will have a totally radical time watching them save the day with you while they’re decked out in this awesome costume! For the most part, Donatello dresses pretty much like his brothers (there aren’t a lot of outfit options for giant walking turtles), but he definitely has his own style. This one piece jumpsuit and matching cap look just like Donnie, with his distinct freckles and lighter, more tea-green color, and his big friendly eyes and purple eye mask on the cap. You can also put the soft, stuffed shell on them, so they’ll look like a real hero in a half-shell! They’ll be inventing their own gizmos and gadgets before you know it!

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