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TMNT I Am Michelangelo Costume T-Shirt


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When you’re a party dude, you have to be ready to grab a slice of pizza and break dance at any moment. You can’t always do that with a big heavy shell on your back and nunchucks stashed in your belt. We have a great alternative to that and it lets you be a party dude at all times! This Michelangelo T-Shirt lets you be on point for battles with the Foot Clan, or pizza parties, so you can be prepared no matter what happens!Obviously, as party dude of the turtles, you’ve got some righteous responsibilities to make sure everyone gets their pizza slice before it gets cold. And make sure the music is loud enough even Master Splinter can hear it, shell head. So Cowabunga, Mike! Just make sure you don’t forget your nunchucks. You should have them on you at all times in case we run into Shredder. Or in case Raph throws a sai at the stereo. Or in case one of Donatello’s inventions goes haywire. Like we said, have them on you at all times! Now go party, dude!

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