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TMNT 2 Adult Deluxe Rocksteady Costume

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Remember when you were a kid? Sitting in front of the tube, watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Each Saturday morning, Leo, Donny, Raph and Mikey would give Shredder and his goons a thumping, and you’d cheer for them to use their ninja skills to save the day. Then, you grow up and you get a different perspective on life. It’s pretty tough out there! Working as hard as you can to get a leg up in society, only to be knocked down by a few people with the right sarcastic things to shout… especially when they’ve basically been handed everything!Despite being thwarted on almost every occasion, Rocksteady never gave up his dream of being the baddest criminal he could be. He never stopped dreaming big. He got up every single morning, looked himself in the mirror and said to himself, “I’m a winner and today I’m going to defeat the TMNT.” Now, that’s real strength! Commitment! And all he had to help him was his good buddy Bebop along the way. Well, it is time to turn those tables on those turtle menaces and put that unyielding optimism to the test!This officially licensed TMNT 2 Adult Deluxe Rocksteady costume brings you the look from the smashing film. The costume set includes a muscle chest top, which has padding in the chest and arms to recreate Rocksteady’s physique. The bottom portion of the outfit has the camouflage style seen in the movie, giving you an extra tough look. The molded mask recreates Rocksteady’s signature look, so there’s no crazy Mutagen treatments needed to become the turtle-hating bad guy. We’re sure you’ll get those “toitels” next time… but you should probably bring along your best bud, Bebop, just in case.

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