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Frozen Kristoff Deluxe Child Costume

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Does your little guy love Frozen? If they can’t stop talking about trekking through the snowy mountains with their reindeer buddy, then we bet they do. We also bet they would love playing around as their favorite ice farmer in this Kristoff Deluxe Costume, from the Disney film Frozen! We can’t imagine how cold it gets in the mountains around Arendelle. But, we’re guessing if someone living there can have a full time job cutting up ice and selling it in town, the people who live there don’t get many chances to bust out their swimsuits. Some people love living in the cold though, since you can have snowball fights any time you want, and it’s always the perfect weather for hot soup and cocoa. You can also get away with wearing big fuzzy pajamas every night, which is A-OK with us! We’re still huge fans of central heating, though.Staying warm on a mountain takes a bit of ingenuity (and a good dash of toughness), but it’s not reindeer science. If your kid is wearing a furry outfit that looks like this costume, they’re on the right track to staying cozy in the cold wind! The faux fur lined v-neck tunic and boot covers are nice and warm looking, and the matching tall snow hat has a big puffy pom on top to keep their noggin warm, as well. Your little snowman will look toasty as they venture out to trick-or-treat in the winter wilderness!

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