Girls Glamorous Witch Halloween Costume Will Make The Other Witches Jealous

Incantasia The Glamour Witch Child Costume

All the other witches will be green with envy when they see this beautiful ensemble.

The quality full length black robe comes complete with an attached purple collar and purple waist sash with a sparkling rhinestone buckle.

The included witch’s hat has a matching rhinestone buckle as well.

Available in Child Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

You might consider completing the outfit with a realistic looking Black Feather Sparkle Broom

Glamorous Witch Costume - click for details
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Cutest Little Witch Child Halloween Costume

Cutest Little Witch Child Halloween Costume- “Witch With a Twist”

This child’s Witch costume satisfies a child’s desire to be a being with magical powers. But this is obviously a good little Witch and and a cute one to boot. This quality Witch costume transforms your kid into an adorable little Witch.

The wickedly cute Witch with a Twist costume includes a black dress with a green bodice, orange sleeves and hem, a black bottom, and a black witch style hat with a green hat band.

It is available in child sizes 5-7 and 8-10.

List Price: 19.99 click here

Discount Price: 18.99 click here

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Burlesque Adult Costume Boots For Female Vixens Of All Stripes

Burlesque Adult Costume Boots

These high-quality adult boots for women add a little sex appeal to any costume.

These Burlesque Adult Boots for Women feature a 3” heel, an open upper with strap closures, red bow embellishments and a convenient side zip.

Whether you are a bawdy buccaneer babe or a vaudevillian vixen, these shoes add major sex appeal to every seductress’ style.

Includes: Burlesque Boots.

List Price: 79.99 click here

Discount Price: 56.99 click here

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Halloween Costumes – Sexy, Sexier, Sexiest

It seems that every year there are more Halloween Costume choices in the “Sexy Halloween” category. This is especially true for Women’s Halloween Costume choices. This year, costume creators have gone crazy in the “Super Sexy” category.

Remember those Halloween parties where one or two women showed up as Playboy Bunnies. Not much of a costume really, just a bathing suit and a pair of bunny ears. But they sure got more than their share of attention…mostly from the men!

Well perhaps the other women at those parties were wishing they could be decked out in a Halloween costume that was a little more creative, but still showed their sexy side. If so, they will have no problem this year.

In the past, there were few other Sexy Halloween Choices, but now there are sexy costume choices in every category. Here is just a small sampling of today’s costume choices.

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This was a kids cartoon show about four turtles that magically get Ninja powers and take the names of famous painters, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. Well, there are now Sexy Female Versions of the costumes.

Sexy Michelangelo Halloween Costume Sexy Leonardo Halloween Costume
Sexy Donatello Halloween Costume Sexy Raphael Halloween Costume