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Pirate Costumes

Zombie Parrot Shoulder Sitter

Are you a lonely ghost pirate sailing the seven seas? Are you an avid zombie enthusiast and parrot enthusiast? Do you just have a slightly morbid sense of style. If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then this Zombie Parrot Shoulder Sitter may be for you. It’s the perfect companion! You don’t have to feed him and he’ll never embarrass you by squawking out offensive words that he learned from your neighbors, like some other parrots.

Costume created by: HalloweenCostumes.com

Sale Price: 12.99

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Captain Jack Sparrow Classic Adult Mens Pirate Costume

Pirate costumes are always fun on Halloween eve and the Jack Sparrow character from Pirates of the Caribbean is such an iconic character. This high quality costume has all you need to have a “yo ho, you ho” Halloween.

Costume created by: Trendy Halloween

Sale Price: $ 42.99

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Complete Quality Mens Pirate Costume Has Swashbuckling Style

Captain Skullduggery

You can be a pirate for Halloween with a bandanna, an eye patch and a plastic sword.

But if you want to REALLY want buccaneer style, this high quality complete Skulldugery Pirate Costume will have them shivering in their timbers.

This is well constructed complete outfit has all the details and is made for years of wear.

It includes:

  • the dashing brown knee length coat with gold trim
  • a fashionable contrasting vest
  • the tan lace up dickie
  • a brilliant red waist sash
  • the black belt
  • classic brown pirate hat
  • matching boot covers

Available in Adult sizes: Medium, Large, and X-Large.

Captain-Skullduggery-Elite-Adult-Costume click for details

Review by customer:

Skulldugery Costume is Great!
Everyone that saw my husband in this costume said it was “very period” or really authentic. The Coat is a very good replica!The red sash, belt and boot covers hit it wonderfully! The hat is cheap and I had to iron and starch it to stay in shape-HATE IRONING! The ladies Adult Skull duggery was perfect for me. We received alot of compliments! I recommend both of these costumes. Well worth the money and a good addition to our costume box that is growing every year.

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Captain Jack Sparrow Costume From Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean – Captain Jack Sparrow Adult Costume


With this high-quality, complete Captain Jack Sparrow Adult pirate costume you can become that loveable rougue from the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Captain Jack as portrayed by Johnny Depp, is not only shrewd and clever, he is also fun-loving. But make no mistake, when fighting is called for, he is dangerous with his fists and with his cutlass.

This costume includes the complete Jack Sparrow outfit: the pirate shirt with attached blue vest, the striped sash, and pirate pants. Plus you get two belts with buckles and a a special bandana.

It’s the pirate’s life for you, when your friends dress up as any of the other characters; Elizabeth, Davey Jones, Angelica, Blackbeard and more.

This is an officially licensed Pirates of the Carribean costume.

List Price: 44.99 click here

Discount Price: click here

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Here is what a costume owner has to say about the Captain Jack Sparrow Costume:

Ahoy There
This costume was fantastic and we had a great night looking the part of Pirates! We ordered it on the Saturday and because we live in Australia we were a little worried that it might not turn up in time for our function on the following Saturday. I was very happy when the parcel arrived on the Thursday, just 4 days after it was mailed! We can highly recommend this costume and this company. We will definately buy our next fancy dress costume from you guys! Thanks for everything.

Captain Jack Sparrow Prestige Teen Costume
This cooky pirate character from Pirates of the Carribean was a loved character on the film trilogy. The Captain Jack Sparrow Pres…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow Button Ring Replica
Romance is at hand!Play up your romantic side!The ladies love Captain Jack, and he loves them. When an encounter is especially rom…

Sexy Swashbucker Vixen Pirate Halloween Costume. Sexiest Pirate Costume?

sexy swashbuckerThis sexy red Vixen Pirate Costume is guaranteed to have the other pirates stumbling around and tripping over their tongues.

This quality costume includes a red dress with a peasant-style top and flared skirt. Bow accents and ruching on the sleeves give the dress an essence of romance. The double lace-up, velvet corset and velvet skirt overlay are additional titillating details.

Click this link for more details and get today’s best online price

Here is what an owner of this costume has to say:

Very Nice and Sexy Costume.
The costume is very pretty plus it stretches so if you need a little extra room you can get into it. I am about 133 lbs and 5’5” and got the medium. However I am very large in the chest area and this fit was great. I already had high black boots so I didn’t get them. I got the hat and that makes the look. Also got the petticoat which looked nice too. I wore my fishnets rolled down with a garter and knife to look a little different. Got tons of compliments for a grandmother of five – I looked pretty darn good

sexy swashbuckerThis sexy black pirate hat is a true treasure!

The perfect finishing touch to any sexy pirate costume.

Break some pirate hearts in style this Halloween! The exquisite swashbuckler hat features a lace trim and red satin bows.

Click this link for more details and get today’s best online price

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Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume Hat With Beaded Braids- Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume Hat With Beaded Braids


This quality Jack Sparrow Halloween costume pirate hat will transform your child into a movie pirate in the blink of an eye. It comes complete with Jack Sparrow braids, so it is comfortable to wear. Your little pirate will enjoy riding the high seas in his or her pirate costume and the Jack Sparrow hat completes the look.

One size fits most children.

This is an officially licensed Pirates of the Caribben product.

List Price: 21.99 click here

Discount Price: 12.99 click here

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Group Costumes Make Halloween Even More Fun

Pirates of the Caribbean Group CostumeDressing up in costume for Halloween is always interesting and always fun. It is liberating to transform yourself in to a new character and perhaps behave in ways differently than you normally would. It is exciting to be someone else for a change, especially a superhero, movie character, a monster, or a different sort of being.

You can double your fun by dressing up in a couples costume. And getting together with a group of your friends or family and dressing up in the same theme in a group costume raises your fun to a whole new level. It is a blast to join a party and show up with a bunch of your friends all dressed from the same universe. Suddenly, you are the party!

The creativity of modern costume designers makes in easy to find costumes that eveyone in the group will enjoy. Here are just some of the costumes available as couple and group costumes.

Pirates of the Carribbean Costumes. There are so many famous characters from this thrilling movie series that everyone in your group can be a different character. Everyone wants to be a dangerous and adventurous pirate. Pirates can be sexy too.

Green Lantern Costumes. There are green lantern costumes for both men and women. Anyone can be Hal Jordan and have the power of the ring. The Sinestro, Kilowog and Tomar costumes are also very cool.

Harry Potter Costumes. Your whole group can be wizards this Halloween. Don the Hogwarts robes and make some magic together. Not only are Harry, Ron and Hermione costumes available, but there are Death Eater costumes too. You can also be Luna Lovegood, Moaning Myrtle, a Slytherin, a Ravenclaw, or even a Dementor or Dobby the House Elf.

Alice in Wonderland Costumes. There is no end to the Alice in Wonderland character costumes available. The Alice costume alone has so many variations. From sexy Alice or wicked Alice to Sweet and Innocent Alice and many more. All of the your other favorite Wonderland characters are available to:
The Mad Hatter, the Chesire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Of course someone will definitely want to be the White Rabbit and the Hooka Smoking Caterpillar.
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Pirate Costumes- Best 2012 Homemade Halloween Pirate Costumes for Men and Women

Mens Pirate Halloween CostumeWhether you are male of female, becoming a Pirate is always a fun way to spend Halloween. Pirate costumes are fun to wear and more comfortable than many Halloween outfits. Plus, you get to speak using pirate lingo saying “matey” and “aye”. And you can sometimes use some of your own street clothes as part of your costume. Another advantage of pirate costumes are the huge variety of choices that you have.

Before I provide some tips and ideas for great pirate costumes, you have some choices to make. There are many types of pirate characters that you can impersonate. You don’t have to be just a plain old pirate. You can be a fearsome pirate, a sexy pirate, a captain, a seafarer, and there are many other choices. You can also become a famous pirate such as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, or even Jack Sparrow, Angelica or Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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Burlesque Adult Costume Boots For Female Vixens Of All Stripes

Burlesque Adult Costume Boots

These high-quality adult boots for women add a little sex appeal to any costume.

These Burlesque Adult Boots for Women feature a 3” heel, an open upper with strap closures, red bow embellishments and a convenient side zip.

Whether you are a bawdy buccaneer babe or a vaudevillian vixen, these shoes add major sex appeal to every seductress’ style.

Includes: Burlesque Boots.

List Price: 79.99 click here

Discount Price: 56.99 click here

Burlesque Adult Boots ON SALE TODAY with this link

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Fearsome Blackbeard Adult Pirate Costume – Plus Size

Blackbeard the Pirate Adult Plus Costume

The fearsome seafaring pirate known as Blackbeard was notorious. An English pirate, he operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies. He was called Blackbeard because of his thick black beard and fearsome appearance.  He was reported to have tied lit fuses under his hat to frighten his enemies.

Now you can be the fearsome Blackbeard with this beautifully detailed plus size costume featuring wide, faux-leather lapels with button detailing. Included is a matching jabot, the neckwear of pirates. You also get a handsome pirate hat and the belt with a skull buckle. Of course you’ll want to add the necessary black beard and your choice of sword.

Includes: Pirate Coat, Hat, Jabot, Belt.

Click here to choose a pirate beard.
Click here for a pirate cutlass.

List Price: 99.99 click here

Discount Price: 82.99 click here

SAVE TODAY on the Blackbeard the Pirate Adult Plus Costume -click here-

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