Mens Pirate Halloween CostumeWhether you are male of female, becoming a Pirate is always a fun way to spend Halloween. Pirate costumes are fun to wear and more comfortable than many Halloween outfits. Plus, you get to speak using pirate lingo saying “matey” and “aye”. And you can sometimes use some of your own street clothes as part of your costume. Another advantage of pirate costumes are the huge variety of choices that you have.

Before I provide some tips and ideas for great pirate costumes, you have some choices to make. There are many types of pirate characters that you can impersonate. You don’t have to be just a plain old pirate. You can be a fearsome pirate, a sexy pirate, a captain, a seafarer, and there are many other choices. You can also become a famous pirate such as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, or even Jack Sparrow, Angelica or Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

If just being a pirate is enough for you, you can put together an outfit mostly using your own clothes. For men, a pair of black jeans and a an oversized white shirt covers the basics. Since even men’s Pirate shirts tend to be frilly, go to the women’s department of a second hand store and find an extra large, long-sleeved white shirt with some stitching and detailing. You can wear it over your pants and buckle a belt over it. A pair of plain black boots and a headscarf and you’ll be dressing the part. Of course, you might want to pick up a prop sword to complete the look.Womens Pirate Costume for Halloween

The women’s version of the any-old pirate costume begins with a large oversized blouse as well. Add a short vest over the blouse. A pair of tight jeans or tights and a pair of tall boots completes the basic look. Then accessorize with a scarf or hat, a wide belt, lots of necklaces and a sword.

Sexy Pirate Halloween CostumeSexy Pirate: To add a little sex appeal to your pirate costume, you just need to make a few adjustments. For men, add a long, flowing hair wig and a pirate beard. Make sure that the shirt you pick can fall open to show some chest. For women, choosing a top with a little cleavage will add some sex appeal and so will replacing the pants for a short, frilly skirt, or a long flowing one with a ragged hem. If you want the full effect, the Halloween costume shops have an amazing selection of outfits that are perfect for the sexy pirate look, complete with all the details. You can find Pirate Vixen costumes, Pirate Wench costumes, and Sexy Swashbuckler outfits.

Vengeful Pirate: To put a chill down the backs of your fellow revelers, you might add a large, dangerous looking sword to your outfit. Also, an eye patch adds a menacing look. Use makeup to add a grizzled look, or add fake scars. A nice bloody slash across your cheek would be a nice touch. Of course, growling a little can help too!

For a unique pirate Halloween costume and all the accessories, check out the the Halloween Costume shops. has a truly outstanding collection at great prices. You can be a rogue pirate, a swashbuckler, a cutthroat pirate, a pirate maiden, a rustic pirate, a deckhand, a playboy pirate, a ghost pirate and so much more. They also have the complete costumes to impersonate Jack Sparrow, Angelica and the other Pirates of the Caribbean. You will find costumes for men, women, teens, tweens and children. Even if you don’t want to purchase a complete costume, is an easy-to-navigate site full of fun costume ideas. Check it out soon.

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