Dye Your Skin Green Halloween Costumes

Alien Halloween Costumes with Green Skin

Green Skinned Aliens

Dyeing your skin green as part of a Halloween Costume may sound a bit weird. But trust me, I have done it dozens of times with no ill effects (at least that I have noticed). And having green skin definitely makes your costume more interesting  and gets attention.

Why green you ask? I have tried other colors, but green looks especially strange and exotic. And green skin lends itself to lots of Halloween costumes. Witches and Vampires with green skin are scarier and of course all alien costumes will benefit from green skin- E.T. anyone?

Here are some other costume ideas that are good with green skin:

Statue of the Jolly Green Giant

Green Giant

  • Jolly Green Giant – just create a over-the-shoulder one piece, and add some artificial (or real) leaves with glue.
  • Green Man – Include leaves and other natural items on your costume and carry a wooden staff.
  • Peas in a Pod – Green skin, green outfit, and green balloons glued down the front of your chest  0r back.

The best costumes for this shows off some of your green body. People will often ask, “Are you green…all over?” You just wink and smile.

Other ways to get green


You will need one large bottle of liquid green vegetable dye (food coloring).  (Do not use fabric dye which is toxic).

Stand in the shower or bath tub. It is a good idea to have some water in the bottom of the shower or bath so that it dilutes the dye. Food dye sometimes  can stain tiles, although it can be scrubbed off easily.

Mix some green dye with 16 ounces of water in a bowl. Start with a small amount of dye (about an ounce0 and add more  after you try it on your skin to get the effect you are looking for. You can put the dye everywhere, it has never irritated anyone that I know of, but of course you don’t need it in places that no one will see.

After the dye is everywhere that you want it, let it dry by itself as much as possible. You can pat it with paper towels to speed the process.


Although my friends and I have done this dozens of times, I obviously am not assuming any liability. Try this at your own risk!

Almost all the green color can be washed off your skin with soap and a good scrubbing with a washcloth, but a little may remain in creases etc. It may take a couple of more showers to be completely gone.

The dye will remain in your hair longer that it will on your skin. Of course, depending on your age, this is a very popular look.

Your bedsheets will be green and possibly ruined if you go to bed before you wash most of the green off. On the other hand, waking up with someone green can be interesting.

Halloween can be so fun!

Try being green. Once you do, you may want to make it a habit. You’ve been warned.

Oh, and red hair looks especially great with green skin!

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More green ideas

Sexy Burlesque Costumes For More Fun on Halloween

Burlesque posterBurlesque was born in England and the term “burlesque” referred to variety show performances. These shows were very popular from the 1860s all the way through the 1940’s. Staged in cabarets, clubs and theaters, burlesque shows featured bawdy comedy and female striptease.

Although there were some burlesque shows in the United States, it was toward the end of the 1900’s, that these shows really flourished in the states. They featured comics, but the main attraction was women singing, dancing and posing in exotic, sexy costumes. Recently there has been a revival of burlesque as more and more people are attracted to the glamour and the wonderful burlesque costumes.

However, this year, in 2011, it was the movie Burlesque that skyrocketed the popularity of burlesque dancing and costumes. The movie featured the talents of Cher and Christina Aguilera, who, along with other dancers, performed several exciting and provacative performances. Check out the video below.
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She-Ra, Masters Of The Universe Adult Halloween Costume

Masters Of The Universe – She-Ra Adult Costume


For the honor of Greyskull

Personify the formidable princess of Eternia wearing this tantillizing Masters Of The Universe She-Ra Adult Costume.

This complete outfit includes a white dress with a gold emblem and inset aqua jewel. You also receive matching tiara headpiece with faux ruby, the rich red cape and a pair of gold wrist cuffs.

This is an officially licensed Masters of the Universe product.

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Watch this video for some She-Ra inspiration:

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Jersey Shore Tramp Style Homemade Girls Halloween Costume

Jersey Shore Halloween Costume

Guidette Jersey Shore Costume at BuyCostumes.com

It is so much fun to be a Jersey Shore girl and there are lots of Jersey shore costume ideas that are fabulous styles for girls. The Jersey Shore look is going to be a hot Halloween costume this year. Read on to learn how to be a Jersey Shore girl.  We will provide you with detailed instructions and tips for putting together that perfect Jersey Shore Halloween costume for girls.


One of the most important parts of a Jersey Shore Halloween costume for girls is the tan. Jersey Shore girls are so tan they may appear orange. You can create this part of the costume by using makeup, self tanning products, or tanning salons. No matter which method you choose the darker the better for this Halloween costume.


If you are a woman you have some of your own options as well. Long straight hair is very popular on the Jersey Shore. There is also the ever popular Snooki bump. This is created easily by pulling the front of your hair back from the temples. Twist the sect gently and push forward to create an extremely large poof that is reminiscent of an alien head. Pin the bump in place and your Jersey Shore costume is on its way to completion.


Huge Inflatable Mallet Halloween Costume Accessory

Huge Inflatable Mallet Halloween Costume Accessory

This huge Inflatable Mallet would be a hilarious accessory to many Halloween costume looks. It is perfect for a crazy cartoon character or a funny clown!
It could also be Thor’s hammer or a weapon in the hands of a troll, dwarf, or Viking.

The inflatable giant mallet comes with a brown wood grain print handle.

Includes one inflatable mallet.

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7 Funniest Halloween Costumes in 30 Minutes or Less

Funny Halloween CostumesHere are 7 Halloween costumes that you can  make yourself in about half an hour, mostly with items you likely already have around the house. Got invited to a Halloween Party at the last minute? Whip up one of these clever costumes.

Static Cling Halloween Costume

To start the look, wear any kind of mismatched clothes.  Fold one tail of your blouse or shirt up onto itself and secure with double stick tape or a safety pin. Pull up one pant leg and pin in place. Using double stick tape or pins, attach a few dryer sheets to your clothes. Also attach socks, small towels, handkerchiefs, pillow cases, underwear and other small items one might have in the dryer. Use hair gel to make your hair stick up like it is full of static.

Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

Wear all white clothes. Paint a yellow circle on your stomach, or cut out a yellow circle out of felt or construction paper and attach with double stick tape, glue or safety pins. Wear devil horns and carry a pitchfork to complete the devil look.

Melanie Daniels, from Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds” Halloween Costume

Wear an old blue dress and a blonde wig. Glue or tape fake birds (available from a craft store) pecking you all over. Wear an old pair of cracked glasses. Tease your hair and add scratches and blood dripping from where birds are pecking you.