Dye Your Skin Green Halloween Costumes

Alien Halloween Costumes with Green Skin

Green Skinned Aliens

Dyeing your skin green as part of a Halloween Costume may sound a bit weird. But trust me, I have done it dozens of times with no ill effects (at least that I have noticed). And having green skin definitely makes your costume more interesting  and gets attention.

Why green you ask? I have tried other colors, but green looks especially strange and exotic. And green skin lends itself to lots of Halloween costumes. Witches and Vampires with green skin are scarier and of course all alien costumes will benefit from green skin- E.T. anyone?

Here are some other costume ideas that are good with green skin:

Statue of the Jolly Green Giant

Green Giant

  • Jolly Green Giant – just create a over-the-shoulder one piece, and add some artificial (or real) leaves with glue.
  • Green Man – Include leaves and other natural items on your costume and carry a wooden staff.
  • Peas in a Pod – Green skin, green outfit, and green balloons glued down the front of your chest  0r back.

The best costumes for this shows off some of your green body. People will often ask, “Are you green…all over?” You just wink and smile.

Other ways to get green


You will need one large bottle of liquid green vegetable dye (food coloring).  (Do not use fabric dye which is toxic).

Stand in the shower or bath tub. It is a good idea to have some water in the bottom of the shower or bath so that it dilutes the dye. Food dye sometimes  can stain tiles, although it can be scrubbed off easily.

Mix some green dye with 16 ounces of water in a bowl. Start with a small amount of dye (about an ounce0 and add more  after you try it on your skin to get the effect you are looking for. You can put the dye everywhere, it has never irritated anyone that I know of, but of course you don’t need it in places that no one will see.

After the dye is everywhere that you want it, let it dry by itself as much as possible. You can pat it with paper towels to speed the process.


Although my friends and I have done this dozens of times, I obviously am not assuming any liability. Try this at your own risk!

Almost all the green color can be washed off your skin with soap and a good scrubbing with a washcloth, but a little may remain in creases etc. It may take a couple of more showers to be completely gone.

The dye will remain in your hair longer that it will on your skin. Of course, depending on your age, this is a very popular look.

Your bedsheets will be green and possibly ruined if you go to bed before you wash most of the green off. On the other hand, waking up with someone green can be interesting.

Halloween can be so fun!

Try being green. Once you do, you may want to make it a habit. You’ve been warned.

Oh, and red hair looks especially great with green skin!

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More green ideas

Halloween Kids Games Keep the Party Lively

Kid Vampire
There is some debate as to whether Halloween is more of an adult holiday or a children’s holiday. Personally, I don’t see why it can’t be both! Adults and Children both love to dress up and show off the new personality that a costume encourages. And who doesn’t love a party?

With all the responsibilities and school work that modern children have these days, a Halloween party is a good way to get together with their friends and have a different kind of fun. And because it is a Halloween party, there are fun games to play which keeps everyone participating and having fun.

Here is a selection of both Traditional Halloween Games and more modern ones.

Traditional Halloween Games

In the past, many Halloween Games focused on forecasting the future. Young people then, as now, were wondering if they would marry and whom it might be.

The Fortune Cake

For older children, there was the Fortune Cake. This game is still fun today and easy to do.The idea is to bake a cake with trinkets baked inside.

Then, as each party guest cuts themselves a slice, the fun is to find what is inside and what it may mean. An even easier way to do this is with an ice cream cake because the items inside don’t have to be heat proof.

Here are some tokens that have been included in fortune cakes and an idea of their significance. But, of course, you can have fun with this, and come up with your own items and their meaning.

  • Ring- a happy marriage
  • Coin – a wealthy future
  • Small doll – a child is in his or her future
  • Wishbone – good luck
  • Key – good luck in romance
  • Wheel – travel
  • Scrap of cloth- poverty

Alphabet Apple Peels

This is another traditional diving game. In the nineteenth century girls would put trays of corn meal next to their beds in the hopes that ghosts would write the initials of their secret loves. Later, another variation became popular, using apples.

Each guest is given an apple. A peeler is passed around and each guest attempts to create a long strip of peel being careful not to break it as it spirals off the fruit. The peel is then thrown over the left shoulder and is supposed to land in the shape of the initials of someone who secretly loves them.

The Face in the Mirror

This game also attempts to answer the question, “who loves me secretly?” Each guest plays this game alone in a completely dark room with a mirror.

Set a chair in front of a mirror. Place an unlit candle next to it. The room should be as dark as possible.

Each guest is given an apple, a box of matches, and instructed as follows:
Enter the room, sit in front of the mirror, light the candle and concentrate on the image in the glass.

Very, very slowly eat the apple while gazing into the mirror and repeat these words: “Who my true love is to be. Come and look in this glass with me.” If the instructions are followed properly, the guest should see an image of their true love in the mirror standing behind them.

Modern Halloween Party Games

Ghostly Guessing Game

Everyone stands in a circle. The first player is blindfolded, stands in the center of the circle and spins around and around. When they stop spinning, the person they are facing should say, “Whoooooo am I?” The player guesses their name, and if correct, that person is blindfolded and the game continues.

For an interesting variation of this game, if the party goers are in costume, is for the person who is selected by the spinning player to say “I am (name the costume they are wearing). Whoooo am I?”

Vampire Chase Game

One person is selected as the first vampire. S/He chases the others until s/he catches one and pretends to bite them on the neck. That person also becomes a vampire and the chase continues until everyone has become a vampire.


Everyone sits is a circle with their eyes tightly shut. The host selects the first “killer” by tapping them on the head and then tells everyone to open their eyes. The killer does the dirty work by winking at someone without anyone else seeing. When someone has been killed, they have to silently count to 5 and then lie back with a scream.

The game continues until the killer is caught. Any player can shout out the name of who they think is the killer, but if they are wrong, they have to lie back dead. Once the killer is discovered, everyone closes their eyes again and the host chooses the next killer.

Star Wars Classic Deluxe Jango Fett Adult Mens Costume

Jango Fett was a renowned human Mandalorian bounty hunter and the father of Boba Fett.

You can dress like him this Halloween with this Star Wars Classic Deluxe Jango Fett Adult Man Costume.

This detailed adult Jango Fett costume includes a jumpsuit with body armor, a molded belt, a pair of gloves and a two piece PVC mask, perfect for ComicCon, Star Wars themed parties and of course, Halloween!

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10 Piece Colossal Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

Go big or go home with your Halloween jack o’lanterns this year using this 10 Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit.

This set includes 6 stencils of designs that are frightening and festive as well as several carving knives and a giant spoon for scooping out pumpkin guts.

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Zombie Rot Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

Make your ‘walker’ costume the best with some super realistic rot effects! The zombies on The Walking Dead have been roaming around for quite a while, so you’re going to have to take extra steps if you want to look like a member of the cast. This FX Transfers are makeup quality graphics, with the ease of a temporary tatto. Add this to your zombie makeup supply, and you’re sure to have an un-dead look that everyone will be dying for!

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Original Halloween Costume Ideas for Halloween 2015

The Avengers Halloween Costume CollectionIt is not difficult to come up with a creative Halloween costume idea, if you know where to look for inspiration. Fortunately, the world around you is full of ideas, ripe for the picking. With a little imagination, you can use a film character, a newsworthy event or a popular game as a starting point to find a look that can be uniquely yours.

If you enjoy watching movies, then surely you can remember a film that had a character in it that you would like to impersonate. Choose a popular, current movie and everyone will recognize you. 2015 was the year of the superhero movie and there are lots of great choices for characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Captain America, Green Lantern, Batman, Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Green Hornet and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Vampires are always popular and were featured in the Twilight movies, Fright Night, as well as the immensely popular True Blood TV series.

The characters in Game of Thrones, the Hunger Games series are another great place to score some costume ideas and inspiration.

Especially for children, animated movies like Cinderella, Inside Out, Teenage Mutual Ninja Turtles, Disney’s Frozen, and Hop are a great source of fun characters, although there are plenty of ways adults could get in on the fun as well.

Of course, transforming yourself into a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean is always a good time and easy to pull off. Just brush up on your “pirate slang” matey and you are well on your way. And don’t forget the sword.

The Harry Potter movies have been a worldwide phenomenon since 2002 and with the last two movies breaking all the records, there isn’t anyone you are likely to meet who wouldn’t recognize a student from Hogwarts, or the evil snake-like, “he who must not be named.” It will be very easy to find wizard robes and wands this Halloween!

Lots of Americans enjoy keeping up on the antics of their favorite celebrities. You can always count on movie stars and sports personalities to amuse us with eccentric dressing styles and flamboyant behavior. Whether you decide to dress in a Halloween costume to emulate them or ridicule them, it is easy to mimic their unique look.

The costume choices are truly endless. To narrow them down a bit, peruse the online offerings of this site. You can use our offerings as a jumping off point for your own original creation, and pick up a few accessories to put on the finishing touches. But make sure to start your costume search early so that you have the most options and can be confident that on this Halloween, you will dress up and have a ball.

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Spooky Halloween Decorations- Create A Graveyard Scene

Halloween Outdoor Decorations
Let your creative juices flow this Halloween as you decorate your yard with a spooky, creepy graveyard. Give trick-or-treaters a fun-time thrill when they come to call.

Here are some tips on how to create a creepy graveyard in your front yard.

Before you go shopping for decorations, take a look at what you have to work with. Do you have trees or bushes in your front yard? Depending on the size of your trees and bushes, you may be able to use them for places to string Halloween lighting.

Another thing to consider is how much space you have in your front yard. When trick-or-treaters walk to your front door, figure out the view that they will have of your creepy graveyard. Plan the scene out before you go shopping.

Huge Inflatable Mallet Halloween Costume Accessory

Huge Inflatable Mallet Halloween Costume Accessory

This huge Inflatable Mallet would be a hilarious accessory to many Halloween costume looks. It is perfect for a crazy cartoon character or a funny clown!
It could also be Thor’s hammer or a weapon in the hands of a troll, dwarf, or Viking.

The inflatable giant mallet comes with a brown wood grain print handle.

Includes one inflatable mallet.

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Halloween Movies could haunt you for months


Freddy Krueger

The Halloween Season is the time to let yourself feel some of the old-fashioned, stomach-wrenching fear that only movies can create.

Entertainment Weekly has created their list of the 20 Scariest Movies of All Time. The list consists of modern-day masterpieces of horror. Most of the choices are not “gore” movies- the ones that don’t keep you on the edge of your seat, as much as gross you out with bloody body parts.

The movies absent from the list however, are the old-time horror classics. They may seem tame by today’s standards, but they were the movies that started the entire genre. Here is Entertainment Weekly’s list:

JAWS (1975)
THE RING (2002)

Halloween Costume Answers to “What are you supposed to be?”

Bar Fly Halloween Costume

Bar Fly Halloween Costume

Costume parties are, to me, more fun than any other kind of party. People just naturally seem to be in a more social mood when they have the freedom to behave a bit outside of their usual comfort zone. They seem less worried about what others think of them and more willing to take a risk and say or do something funny or crazy. Also, there is the obvious conversation starter around the costumes.

I like to pick a costume that has a great answer to the standard question, “What are you supposed to be?” Of course, if you chose to be something obvious; a pirate, a clown, a vampire, you may not get that question. That’s why even if you are dressing in a easily discernible costume, it is nice to add some clever twist.

Some costumes are designed to provide a hilarious answer to the “What are you supposed to be?” question. I call these costumes “punny costumes” and they are a surefire way to get the conversation going. Here are a few examples.

Little Dead Riding Hood

Wear a Little Red Riding Hood Costume. Using fake scars, plastic wounds and fake blood, make it look like the Big Bad Wolf already got you. Don’t forget your basket of goodies.

One Night Stand Halloween Costume

Use a large box, cut a hole out of the bottom for your head to emerge through. Cut the box down so that it is 4-5 inches deep and sits on your shoulders. This is your nightstand top. Using glue, cover the box with a checkered tablecloth. Glue items to the nightstand such as two plastic champagne glasses, nylon stockings, an ashtray with smoked cigarettes, condoms, candles, and an alarm clock. Wear a lampshade on your head.

“Chip”-monk Halloween Costume

First dress up in a Monk costume. Glue potato chip bags, corn chip bags and tortilla chip bags all over your costume.

Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

Wear a black outfit. Attach with glue, in various places, 10-15 empty minature cereal boxes. Using a knife, puncture the front of each box and tear it out from the center to the edges, make a number of tears so that you can peel it back a little. Add fake blood to the edges of the torn parts of the boxes, so they have obviously been “killed”

Hell in a Hand Basket

Wear a devil costume. Purchase a large wicker laundry basket and cut out the bottom so that you can wear it around your waist. You can use suspenders to keep it up, or cut it to fit closely on your waist and pad the opening with duct tape.

Hell on Wheels Halloween Costume

Wear a devil costume and roller blades or roller skates. Or use a wheelchair.

Your chance to be imaginative is one of the things that distiguishes Halloween from most other holidays in the U.S.

Halloween Decorations You Can Make

Part of the fun of Halloween is creating a festive atmosphere both inside and outside your home with Halloween Decorations. You can decorate your yard simply with just a carved jack 0 lantern, or go huge, filling your yard with monsters or perhaps a  graveyard.

For folks with limited time, Halloween stores are filled with the newest inflatable ghostly and scary scenes. You just unpack them and fill them with air. Some even come with their own sound and lighting effects. These two fun examples will certainly let your neighbors know that you are serious about Halloween fun!

Halloween Decoration Animated Skull

Airblown Animated Halloween Skull

Airblown Animated 3 Witches with Caldron

Airblown Animated 3 Witches Halloween Decoration

Of course, you can let your creativity fly and  make your own yard decorations.


7 Funniest Halloween Costumes in 30 Minutes or Less

Funny Halloween CostumesHere are 7 Halloween costumes that you can  make yourself in about half an hour, mostly with items you likely already have around the house. Got invited to a Halloween Party at the last minute? Whip up one of these clever costumes.

Static Cling Halloween Costume

To start the look, wear any kind of mismatched clothes.  Fold one tail of your blouse or shirt up onto itself and secure with double stick tape or a safety pin. Pull up one pant leg and pin in place. Using double stick tape or pins, attach a few dryer sheets to your clothes. Also attach socks, small towels, handkerchiefs, pillow cases, underwear and other small items one might have in the dryer. Use hair gel to make your hair stick up like it is full of static.

Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

Wear all white clothes. Paint a yellow circle on your stomach, or cut out a yellow circle out of felt or construction paper and attach with double stick tape, glue or safety pins. Wear devil horns and carry a pitchfork to complete the devil look.

Melanie Daniels, from Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds” Halloween Costume

Wear an old blue dress and a blonde wig. Glue or tape fake birds (available from a craft store) pecking you all over. Wear an old pair of cracked glasses. Tease your hair and add scratches and blood dripping from where birds are pecking you.

Halloween Pet Safety Tips Because We Love Our Pets

Pets are people too!Dog in Halloween Pet Cosutme

Okay, not really, but we love them and want to keep them safe. This can be more of a challenge on Halloween because of the increased comings and goings of strangers in our yards (smelling like candy too!) and the increases in pet unfriendly treats and decorations.  Special care needs to be exercised to keep our pets safe during our Halloween celebrations.

Suite101.com has a helpful article that describes 5 specific dangers that Halloween exposes to our pets.


There is also an article there that has specific tips to help us  keep our pets safe.