Halloween Kids Games Keep the Party Lively

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There is some debate as to whether Halloween is more of an adult holiday or a children’s holiday. Personally, I don’t see why it can’t be both! Adults and Children both love to dress up and show off the new personality that a costume encourages. And who doesn’t love a party?

With all the responsibilities and school work that modern children have these days, a Halloween party is a good way to get together with their friends and have a different kind of fun. And because it is a Halloween party, there are fun games to play which keeps everyone participating and having fun.

Here is a selection of both Traditional Halloween Games and more modern ones.

Traditional Halloween Games

In the past, many Halloween Games focused on forecasting the future. Young people then, as now, were wondering if they would marry and whom it might be.

The Fortune Cake

For older children, there was the Fortune Cake. This game is still fun today and easy to do.The idea is to bake a cake with trinkets baked inside.

Then, as each party guest cuts themselves a slice, the fun is to find what is inside and what it may mean. An even easier way to do this is with an ice cream cake because the items inside don’t have to be heat proof.

Here are some tokens that have been included in fortune cakes and an idea of their significance. But, of course, you can have fun with this, and come up with your own items and their meaning.

  • Ring- a happy marriage
  • Coin – a wealthy future
  • Small doll – a child is in his or her future
  • Wishbone – good luck
  • Key – good luck in romance
  • Wheel – travel
  • Scrap of cloth- poverty

Alphabet Apple Peels

This is another traditional diving game. In the nineteenth century girls would put trays of corn meal next to their beds in the hopes that ghosts would write the initials of their secret loves. Later, another variation became popular, using apples.

Each guest is given an apple. A peeler is passed around and each guest attempts to create a long strip of peel being careful not to break it as it spirals off the fruit. The peel is then thrown over the left shoulder and is supposed to land in the shape of the initials of someone who secretly loves them.

The Face in the Mirror

This game also attempts to answer the question, “who loves me secretly?” Each guest plays this game alone in a completely dark room with a mirror.

Set a chair in front of a mirror. Place an unlit candle next to it. The room should be as dark as possible.

Each guest is given an apple, a box of matches, and instructed as follows:
Enter the room, sit in front of the mirror, light the candle and concentrate on the image in the glass.

Very, very slowly eat the apple while gazing into the mirror and repeat these words: “Who my true love is to be. Come and look in this glass with me.” If the instructions are followed properly, the guest should see an image of their true love in the mirror standing behind them.

Modern Halloween Party Games

Ghostly Guessing Game

Everyone stands in a circle. The first player is blindfolded, stands in the center of the circle and spins around and around. When they stop spinning, the person they are facing should say, “Whoooooo am I?” The player guesses their name, and if correct, that person is blindfolded and the game continues.

For an interesting variation of this game, if the party goers are in costume, is for the person who is selected by the spinning player to say “I am (name the costume they are wearing). Whoooo am I?”

Vampire Chase Game

One person is selected as the first vampire. S/He chases the others until s/he catches one and pretends to bite them on the neck. That person also becomes a vampire and the chase continues until everyone has become a vampire.


Everyone sits is a circle with their eyes tightly shut. The host selects the first “killer” by tapping them on the head and then tells everyone to open their eyes. The killer does the dirty work by winking at someone without anyone else seeing. When someone has been killed, they have to silently count to 5 and then lie back with a scream.

The game continues until the killer is caught. Any player can shout out the name of who they think is the killer, but if they are wrong, they have to lie back dead. Once the killer is discovered, everyone closes their eyes again and the host chooses the next killer.

Halloween Party Games For Kids

Kids Halloween GamesHalloween parties are more fun for kids if there are some organized games to play. Unlike adults, most children don’t really enjoy sitting around and chatting for very long, even in costume. The following is list of web sites where we have uncovered plent of fun games for your next Halloween party.

This article has some great game ideas to get you started. There are games for both younger kids and older kids, some that require a bit of planning and some that you can throw together in a few minutes.

Halloween Party Games from Momswhothink.com

These party games from Better Homes and Gardens are for more ambitious folks. Most of the ideas require some time to put together and many are designed as craft projects for people, who don’t mind spending some time and putting in some effort to create the games. Once constructed, these games can be used over and over. These Halloween party games are designed for younger children. Full instructions and patterns are included.

Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Games

Pumpkin Nook features some easy to play games that are mostly variations on familiar games with a Halloween theme. They are suitable for all ages of children.

Simple Halloween Games

Here are more simple Halloween games. They are generally easy to create, mostly using objects that you find around the house. They are designed for younger kids. Many are simple games of skill with a Halloween theme.

Quick Halloween Games

With plenty of Halloween game ideas to choose from, you should have no difficulty incorporating several into your Halloween festivities. Be sure to mix in some non-competitive games too, so that none of the party goers feel left out of the fun.

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