Halloween Kids Games Keep the Party Lively

Kid Vampire
There is some debate as to whether Halloween is more of an adult holiday or a children’s holiday. Personally, I don’t see why it can’t be both! Adults and Children both love to dress up and show off the new personality that a costume encourages. And who doesn’t love a party?

With all the responsibilities and school work that modern children have these days, a Halloween party is a good way to get together with their friends and have a different kind of fun. And because it is a Halloween party, there are fun games to play which keeps everyone participating and having fun.

Here is a selection of both Traditional Halloween Games and more modern ones.

Traditional Halloween Games

In the past, many Halloween Games focused on forecasting the future. Young people then, as now, were wondering if they would marry and whom it might be.

The Fortune Cake

For older children, there was the Fortune Cake. This game is still fun today and easy to do.The idea is to bake a cake with trinkets baked inside.

Then, as each party guest cuts themselves a slice, the fun is to find what is inside and what it may mean. An even easier way to do this is with an ice cream cake because the items inside don’t have to be heat proof.

Here are some tokens that have been included in fortune cakes and an idea of their significance. But, of course, you can have fun with this, and come up with your own items and their meaning.

  • Ring- a happy marriage
  • Coin – a wealthy future
  • Small doll – a child is in his or her future
  • Wishbone – good luck
  • Key – good luck in romance
  • Wheel – travel
  • Scrap of cloth- poverty

Alphabet Apple Peels

This is another traditional diving game. In the nineteenth century girls would put trays of corn meal next to their beds in the hopes that ghosts would write the initials of their secret loves. Later, another variation became popular, using apples.

Each guest is given an apple. A peeler is passed around and each guest attempts to create a long strip of peel being careful not to break it as it spirals off the fruit. The peel is then thrown over the left shoulder and is supposed to land in the shape of the initials of someone who secretly loves them.

The Face in the Mirror

This game also attempts to answer the question, “who loves me secretly?” Each guest plays this game alone in a completely dark room with a mirror.

Set a chair in front of a mirror. Place an unlit candle next to it. The room should be as dark as possible.

Each guest is given an apple, a box of matches, and instructed as follows:
Enter the room, sit in front of the mirror, light the candle and concentrate on the image in the glass.

Very, very slowly eat the apple while gazing into the mirror and repeat these words: “Who my true love is to be. Come and look in this glass with me.” If the instructions are followed properly, the guest should see an image of their true love in the mirror standing behind them.

Modern Halloween Party Games

Ghostly Guessing Game

Everyone stands in a circle. The first player is blindfolded, stands in the center of the circle and spins around and around. When they stop spinning, the person they are facing should say, “Whoooooo am I?” The player guesses their name, and if correct, that person is blindfolded and the game continues.

For an interesting variation of this game, if the party goers are in costume, is for the person who is selected by the spinning player to say “I am (name the costume they are wearing). Whoooo am I?”

Vampire Chase Game

One person is selected as the first vampire. S/He chases the others until s/he catches one and pretends to bite them on the neck. That person also becomes a vampire and the chase continues until everyone has become a vampire.


Everyone sits is a circle with their eyes tightly shut. The host selects the first “killer” by tapping them on the head and then tells everyone to open their eyes. The killer does the dirty work by winking at someone without anyone else seeing. When someone has been killed, they have to silently count to 5 and then lie back with a scream.

The game continues until the killer is caught. Any player can shout out the name of who they think is the killer, but if they are wrong, they have to lie back dead. Once the killer is discovered, everyone closes their eyes again and the host chooses the next killer.

Halloween Party Deluxe Kit-Throw A Halloween Party The Easy Way

Deluxe Halloween Party Kit – Cheerful Pumpkin Theme

Nothing is more fun than a Halloween Costume Party. This Halloween Party Kit makes it so easy for you. This complete package has  all the supplies that you need to entertain up to 50 guests, in a cheerful and colorful Halloween theme.

It includes decorations: balloons, streamers, confetti and ribbons as well as  plates, cups, napkins and plastic cutlery and even a table cover and centerpiece, all for one low price.

Pumpkin Cheer Halloween Deluxe Party Kit for 50 guests includes:

  • (50) Dinner Plates
  • (50) Dessert Plates
  • (50) 9 oz. Paper Cups
  • (100) Lunch Napkins
  • (100) Beverage Napkins
  • (168) Piece Cutlery Set – (56) Forks,(56) Spoons and (56) Knives
  • (1) Package of Confetti
  • (1) Solid-Color Plastic Tablecover
  • (1) Centerpiece
  • (18) 11″ Latex Balloons – 3 colors
  • (3) 81′ Crepe Streamers – 3 colors
  • (3) 50′ Curling Ribbons – 3 colors.

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Cutest Little Witch Child Halloween Costume

Cutest Little Witch Child Halloween Costume- “Witch With a Twist”

This child’s Witch costume satisfies a child’s desire to be a being with magical powers. But this is obviously a good little Witch and and a cute one to boot. This quality Witch costume transforms your kid into an adorable little Witch.

The wickedly cute Witch with a Twist costume includes a black dress with a green bodice, orange sleeves and hem, a black bottom, and a black witch style hat with a green hat band.

It is available in child sizes 5-7 and 8-10.

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Happy Halloween: Visit a haunted home Tonight

haunted houseHappy Halloween!

If you are still looking for a place to go on Halloween night, the folks at the Home Haunters Association have created a web site with a listing of “haunted homes” in the U.S. arranged by state. And some Canadian and international locations too. Included are descriptions, directions, and in many cases, links to the web site that features the haunted home.

These are folks that truly enjoy turning their homes into extreme Halloween Haunts and they invite the public to come and enjoy all the fun and inventiveness that goes into their creations. Many of the haunted homes are very elaborate with lighting and sound effects and even animated ghouls.

You can find the full list of haunted homes at http://homehauntersassociation.com/

Have fun and tell them Gasper sent you.

Halloween Parties: Boring?

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

With a bit of planning, your Halloween Party can be anything but boring. And it is so worth the little bit of effort!

A few choice decorations, an enticing invitation and some yummy drinks and treats adds up to the beginning of a wonderful time for you and all your guests. And of course, you want to have some engaging activities planned to break the ice and get everyone in a party mood.

For party planning tips and ideas for creating wonderful invitations, check out this article:


A Halloween Party planning calendar can help you to make sure that every detail is covered. You can find one, as well as some Halloween Party activities and tips for a Halloween Costume Contest in this post:


Themed Halloween Parties are a terrific way to make sure that your party gets off to a great start. For themes for both adult and children’s parties, check out this link:


Here’s a great resource for Halloween Party ideas for kids. It includes ideas about invitations, activities, and good eats for kids:


Celebrations.com has Halloween punch recipes that will make any kid’s Halloween party a bit more scary and a lot more fun.


There is nothing quite like a Halloween Party! Wearing costumes, kids and adults alike feel in a festive mood. A little atmosphere, something delicious to eat, and playing with other party goers transforms the night into one with plenty of laughs and perhaps a few screams.

Scary Halloween Can Be Safe for Kids

Scary Halloween

One of the reasons Halloween is so popular with both kids and adults is that we love to be scared. We go to horror movies and ride the fastest rides in the amusement park to give ourselves a scary thrill. Haunted houses are popular on Halloween for the same reason. An unexpected fright gets our hearts racing and we can laugh at ourselves, because we know the danger is not real.

Real Danger

But keeping our kids safe is no laughing matter and Halloween can present some real danger to our children. We want them to have fun and create fond memories and maybe get a little scare, but we also want to do everything we can to protect them from the real danger that a mixture of cars, crowds, and costumes, creates. And that takes a little planning and some common sense.

Make a Trick-or-treating Plan

  • Create a plan with your children, so you know where they are going and when they will be home.
  • Choose a trick-or-treating route together; know which streets they will be on and when.
  • For older children, agree on a time when they will be home.

Trick-or-treating Safety Tips


Halloween Baby Costumes – Going Too Far?

Should you dress up your baby in a costume on Halloween?

Certainly, one of the joys of parenthood is finding adorable outfits to clothe our precious little ones. Who can resist picking up a cute outfit or three in the baby clothing section of the local department store? Certainly not any grandparents I’ve talked to!

Our babies are adorable and dressing them in cute clothes makes us grin from ear to ear. And showing them off to the relatives and neighbors, in person or in pictures, is a pure delight. So, it seems natural to let our babies in on the fun of Halloween by dressing them in a costume.

Babies don’t know they are wearing a costume

We all realize that babies are too young to understand the Halloween dress-up thing. They do recognize however that the adults are all smiling and laughing when they look at them. And that feels good. It is nice to feel appreciated and babies are happy to soak in all that love and attention.

If you dress your little one in some horrible, macabre outfit, which repulses everyone who looks at them, they won’t have a good time. So, that is probably not such a good idea. Fortunately, costume creators have lots of adorable options for you.

Safety First

Whether choosing or creating a Halloween Baby Costume, you want to be sure that your child is kept safe. Here are six tips to insure your Halloween creation does not pose a potential hazard.