Zombie Yard Gnome Halloween Decoration

Gnomes are always such a fantastic addition to the garden. They’re everywhere and they help protect all of your flowers.

Recently however, something peculiar has been going on in everyone’s gardens. These once super friendly little green thumb guys got into a few infected shrubs and now they always look a little…hungry. This one even started to eat one of his little buddies! Oh the humanity…or gnomanity!

These Zombie Gnomes are a perfect Halloween Yard Decoration to create a little fun on Hallow’s Eve!

Costume created by: HalloweenCostumes.com

Sale Price: 19.99

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10 Piece Colossal Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit

Go big or go home with your Halloween jack o’lanterns this year using this 10 Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit.

This set includes 6 stencils of designs that are frightening and festive as well as several carving knives and a giant spoon for scooping out pumpkin guts.

Costume created by: Wholesale Party Supplies and Halloween Costumes

Sale Price: $ 7.90

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Zombie Horde Animated Prop

Zombie Horde Now you can have a whole horde of walkers at your door or on your porch with The Zombie Horde! These three 6′ Zombie characters have roto-PVC heads with light-up eyes, dirty fabric costumes with shredded-gauze accents, posable arms with plastic “blood-splattered” hands, and an easy-to-assemble frame. Plug in the UL power adapter into any standard outlet & choose from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options to operate. Once activated, the Zombie Horde will begin moaning as their eyes light up with an other-worldly glow as each zombie sways from

Costume created by: Halloween Express

Sale Price: 239.95

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Zombie Door Cover

Zombie Door Cover A great item best usable as a home decoration, Bone chilling! This zombie door cover should fit most standard doors perfectly and can be cut to fit if need be. Shows zombie busting through door as if he is coming at you.

Costume created by: Halloween Express

Sale Price: 7.79

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Zombie Window Clings

Zombie Window Clings A great item best usable as a home decoration, Spooky! These zombie clings should fit perfectly in most single windows and can be cut to fit if need be. Male and female zombie peering out of windows.

Costume created by: Halloween Express

Sale Price: 9.99

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Zombie Wall Plaque

Three Face Zombie Wall Plaque The zombie wars are on!! With every turn you make you could be running into a brain eating zombie! Luckily someone has posted a “Warning Zombie Ahead” sign. They’ve been so kind to also include three decapitated, lifelike heads… just so you get the point! This two foot wall hanging is three dimensional and the rotting remains are sculpted with incredible detail. This is A MUST for any haunt or Zombie party! It will scare and amuse even the bravest of Zombie hunters! 2 feet long x 8 inches deep.

Costume created by: Halloween Express

Sale Price: 125.97

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Find the Best Haunted Houses of Halloween 2014

The Haunted Home Association, keeps an updated list of the best haunted homes in the U.S. There are professional haunted houses and also plenty of spooky homes created by people just like you and me.

Over the years, they have given out prizes for the best decorated homes. You likely won’t believe how elaborately folks decorate their haunted houses for the public to view. Some dedicated haunted house creators have been presenting their haunted homes for public viewing for more than ten years.

These people, from all over the United States as well as Canada and some Europeans, are seriously into creating thrilling haunted homes in their neighborhoods. Many are experts at special effects and often costumed haunts are present to provide added chills and scares. Currently the state of New York and North Carolina have the most haunted home entries.

It is not too late to decorate your own home for Halloween to give your neighbors and friends a scary treat. Here are some decoration ideas for your own haunted house.
Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas

Spooky Halloween Decorations- Create A Graveyard Scene

Halloween Outdoor Decorations
Let your creative juices flow this Halloween as you decorate your yard with a spooky, creepy graveyard. Give trick-or-treaters a fun-time thrill when they come to call.

Here are some tips on how to create a creepy graveyard in your front yard.

Before you go shopping for decorations, take a look at what you have to work with. Do you have trees or bushes in your front yard? Depending on the size of your trees and bushes, you may be able to use them for places to string Halloween lighting.

Another thing to consider is how much space you have in your front yard. When trick-or-treaters walk to your front door, figure out the view that they will have of your creepy graveyard. Plan the scene out before you go shopping.

Halloween Party Deluxe Kit-Throw A Halloween Party The Easy Way

Deluxe Halloween Party Kit – Cheerful Pumpkin Theme

Nothing is more fun than a Halloween Costume Party. This Halloween Party Kit makes it so easy for you. This complete package has  all the supplies that you need to entertain up to 50 guests, in a cheerful and colorful Halloween theme.

It includes decorations: balloons, streamers, confetti and ribbons as well as  plates, cups, napkins and plastic cutlery and even a table cover and centerpiece, all for one low price.

Pumpkin Cheer Halloween Deluxe Party Kit for 50 guests includes:

  • (50) Dinner Plates
  • (50) Dessert Plates
  • (50) 9 oz. Paper Cups
  • (100) Lunch Napkins
  • (100) Beverage Napkins
  • (168) Piece Cutlery Set – (56) Forks,(56) Spoons and (56) Knives
  • (1) Package of Confetti
  • (1) Solid-Color Plastic Tablecover
  • (1) Centerpiece
  • (18) 11″ Latex Balloons – 3 colors
  • (3) 81′ Crepe Streamers – 3 colors
  • (3) 50′ Curling Ribbons – 3 colors.

List Price: 96.13 click here

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Star Wars Party Pack: Clone Wars Party Favor Kit

Star Wars Party Pack: The Clone Wars Party Favor Kit

Star Wars Party Pack: The Clone Wars Party Favor Kit for 1 guest includes:

  • (1) Star Wars: The Clone Wars Treat Box
  • (1) Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mask
  • (1) Star Wars: The Clone Wars Sticker Sheet
  • (1) Star Wars: The Clone Wars Yo-yo
  • (1) 20″ Green Glow Necklace

These are officially licensed STAR WARS products.
Green Glow Necklace is not officially licensed. The Clone Wars (c)2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.

List Price: 4.43 click here

Discount Price: 3.99 click here

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Easy Halloween Home Decor With The Halloween Ultimate Outdoor Decorating Set

Ultimate Halloween Outdoor Decorating Set

Halloween Outdoor Decorating Kit

Turn your house into an inviting Halloween Haunt the easy way with this Halloween decorating kit.

With a huge banner to welcome guests, window decorations, a door decoration and even eight hanging ghosts, all you need are a few jack-o-lanterns to make your home the talk of the town.

Ultimate Halloween Outdoor Set includes:
(1) Halloween Fringe Banner that measures approximately 20′ wide and says “Happy Halloween” with ghosts,spiders and pumpkins.
(1) Plastic Bunting that measures approximately 30′ wide that have ghosts,spiders,bats and pumpkins.
(2) Ghost Window Decorations that measure approximately 65″ high.
(1) Door Decoration that measures approximately 65″ high that has a bat,spider and pumpkin and says “Happy Halloween”.
(8) Hanging Ghosts that measure approximately 12″ high. Don’t forget the Sticky Tack (sold separately) for easy installation.

Please Note: Package includes banner,bunting,hanging ghosts and window and door decorations only. Does not include house, plants, tree or fence.

List Price: 34.49 click here

Discount Price: 29.99 click here

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Ghostbuster Slimer Halloween Wall Decoration

Ghostbuster Slimer Wall Decoration

Slimer is crawling right through your wall and into your house! Hang this Halloween wall decoration for a gruesome look that is sure to be noticed. It’s creepy, but in a funny way.

“When there’s something strange in your neighborhood…” Who you gonna call?

Slimer wall decoration measures approximately 15″L x 4″ H x 15″ W. Plastic. Imported. This is an officially licensed Ghostbusters product.

List Price: 12.99 click here

Discount Price: 9.99 click here

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Halloween Decorations You Can Make

Part of the fun of Halloween is creating a festive atmosphere both inside and outside your home with Halloween Decorations. You can decorate your yard simply with just a carved jack 0 lantern, or go huge, filling your yard with monsters or perhaps a  graveyard.

For folks with limited time, Halloween stores are filled with the newest inflatable ghostly and scary scenes. You just unpack them and fill them with air. Some even come with their own sound and lighting effects. These two fun examples will certainly let your neighbors know that you are serious about Halloween fun!

Halloween Decoration Animated Skull

Airblown Animated Halloween Skull

Airblown Animated 3 Witches with Caldron

Airblown Animated 3 Witches Halloween Decoration

Of course, you can let your creativity fly and  make your own yard decorations.


7 Things You Should Know About Carving Halloween Pumpkins

What would Halloween be without brightly lit Jack o lanterns burning on the front walk? And, you don’t have to stop with one pumpkin carving either; the more the merrier.

Whether you choose a frightening face, a funny one, a goofy one,  or decide to use a Jack o lantern pattern, the following tips will make the job easier and more fun. Plus, this year your carved pumpkin will last longer than ever.


Choose your design before you purchase your pumpkin. Whether you pick up your orange orb at the pumpkin patch or the grocery store, you will want to choose one with a design in mind. Halloween pumpkins come in all sorts of sizes and shapes; some are tall or long, some are short and fat, but each one has a personality waiting to come out. So pick one that matches what you have in mind, and your jack o lantern design will be easier to create.


When you begin your pumpkin carving and cut off the top of your pumpkin, use this tip. Cut it out in a hexagonal shape and angle your knife sharply in toward the center of the pumpkin. This way the top will be easier to put back on correctly and it won’t fall into the pumpkin.


Why We Have Jack-o-lanterns on Halloween and What the Devil Has to Do With It

How Jack-o’-Lanterns Fit into Halloween

Jack-o'-lantern on Halloween
Image via Wikipedia

Ever wonder why on Halloween we carve pumpkins into Jack-o’-lanterns as Halloween Deocrations? The story of the Jack-o’-lantern goes back hundreds of years. In Europe, (especially Ireland and Scotland) a jack-o’-lantern is usually a carved Turnip, and unlike it’s American counterpart, is actually carried as a lantern, hung from a string or stick on Halloween night.

The mythology behind jack-o’-lanterns is rich and varied. Many of the stories are set on Halloween and are often associated with the evils of drink.

The Most Famous Jack-o’-lantern story

One Halloween night, Jack, a notorious drunk, has one too many drinks at the local pub and his soul begins to slip from his body. The Devil appears to claim it, but Jack suggests they have one drink together before going. The Devil tells jack he has no money, and Jack suggests that he change himself into a sixpence, then change back after paying. The Devil transforms into the coin, and Jack snatches the sixpence and puts it in his change purse, which has a silver catch in the shape of a cross, trapping the Devil.